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There are many types of bike racks, and now that the weather is good and with it the desire to go out with the bike, you will doubt which bike racks to choose that is compatible with your car.

In this case we will tell you the characteristics and advantages of the roof bike racks.

First of all, and obviously, to mount this bike rack, it is necessary to have roof bars in the vehicle.

This type of bike rack is the most economical and takes up the least amount of space, but it must be borne in mind that once mounted and with the bike in place, the stability and aerodynamics of the vehicle can be affected.

To meet all the needs of our customers, at Sportowin we have different roof bike rack systems to offer you the possibility of anchoring the bike to the roof of the car so that you can take it with you anywhere.

Thanks to their competitive prices and high quality, this type of bike rack is the best option for your trip.

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