1.- What advantages has to be a member?

  • All. Register as www.misherramientas.com client is completely free, so you can enjoy our products, our prices, and any promotions we have prepared for you. Also, you can receive our free newsletter and take advantage of more benefits.

2.- What is the subscription?

  • On the cover you'll find a section called NEWSLETTER where you can sign up, for free and in a minute, to our exclusive newsletter you'll receive regularly and without obligation. Thanks to this newsletter you will access to various discounts and promotions we have reserved for our subscribers. In addition, you will be abreast of all the novelties that taking go. You see, all benefits, no obligation.

3.- How does the buying process work?

  • Buy in is easy and secure. In this section we explain step by step how to place your order.
  • As you enter www.misherramientas.com, you'll see at the top all the categories in which we have classified our products to make your search as easy and convenient as possible. You can also find exclusive news, highlights and offers.
  • When you see an item that interests you, you can look up its data sheet with features, photos and videos (if there are any). Then press the green button 'Add'. If this is the first time you buy, you have to fill out a simple form with basic data required for shipping, and so as you may have as a customer. This process only have to do the first time; for other occasions, with access to the e-mail and your personal password, will be enough to make your purchase. Before order confirmation, you can check whenever you want your basket and add or remove items as you wish.
  • When you see that you've selected everything you want, press the button 'Order' or 'Buy Now'; either of these buttons will take you to the stage of 'Shipping Details', where you can confirm the delivery address, the shipping method, and add any comments you deem appropriate.
  • Click 'Continue' and you will go to the payment process. Choose the billing address and method of payment. You see you have 4 options. Choose whichever your preference and press 'Continue'. The last step is the 'Confirm Order'.
  • The rest is up to us.

4.- How I can pay for my order?

  • Payment is what worries every customer. So, we give you all the options so you can decide on the one that suits you. Each and every one of the payment methods are safe and reliable (see the general conditions under cover). You can choose between paying by bank transfer or income, credit or debit card, or Paypal.

5.- Is my payment secure?

  • In www.misherramientas.com you'll never have to provide any banking data. The card payment process is done either via PayPal or via virtual POS La Caixa. In this case, the standards 3DSecure Visa and Mastercard cardholder authentication requesting the card issuer are followed. Also implements SSL (secure sockets layer) in all communications, which prevents the interception of information by third parties.

6.- What is paypal?

  • It is the trusted leader in online payments. Payment is made securely, quickly, easily and flexible. The process is really fast through a short form that allows the sending of money. PayPal protects your financial information with fraud prevention systems and security sector leaders. More information www.paypal.es.


7.- Can I buy from my country?

  • From Mis Herramientas, we send our products to any country in the world.


8.- Prices do they include VAT?

  • All the prices you find on our website (both products and shipments) include applicable VAT applicable in each country. In countries free of VAT, the price of products and shipments appear without this tax.
  • You never pay an amount that was not already stipulated and perfectly clear. No surprises.
  • With regard to VAT, it shall apply as a general rule 21% for the territory of the European Union. In any other country will not be charged VAT, but the customs systems of each country apply the corresponding taxes, which are borne by the buyer.
  • Purchases made from the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla, are exempt from VAT, but customs charges and import taxes are not included in the price of goods or shipping.
  • Prices in other currencies are shown on the website are the result of applying the daily exchange rate against the euro, so it may be possible fluctuations. These prices are approximate.
  • If you have any questions, you can contact us at: info@misherramientas.com

9.- Is it ensured my order?

  • Yes. My Tools hire insurance for each and every one of the orders leave our warehouse, with the destination they have. So if a problem was given during transport, that will not be an inconvenience to you. Let us know the problem and we'll do the rest.

10.- I forgot my password.

  • In the menu access to customers you'll find on the right side of the store, you can click on 'Forgot your password', and just leave us your email address, we will provide the password so you can access the web.

11.- How I can modify my account details?

  •  If you want to change information of your customer account, it's simple and comfortable. Enter your email address and password in the section that you will find on the right side called 'My Account'. You see you have several options to check your purchases, and other notifications. One option is the 'Edit', from which you can change any data you want: address, phone, etc.

12.- If I want a product out of stock?

  • We will do everything in our power to ensure that all products displayed are available; however, for various reasons beyond our control, it is something that we can not guarantee. So if you want to buy a product for which no stock temporarily, you can leave us your email and will notify you as soon as the product comes into our warehouse.

13.- Can I get my order come without an invoice because it is a gift?

  • Of course. You just have to order it by writing an email to the address info@misherramientas.com we'll make you get the bill through alternate means (post or email).

14.- What happens if I'm not home when the carrier arrives with my order?

  • If delivery order is failed for not being in the right direction, our shipping company will call you by phone to place a new shipment in the time you shall agree that.

from 80€.*
from 24/48h.
of customers.
* For shipments to peninsular Spain.